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Home-school activities have ceased for the week because it’s that blessed time in March known as Spring Break.  Today was beautiful, but with rain looming in the forecast for tomorrow, Thursday & Friday, I decided to take off work to hang with the family.  My lovely wife discovered a park about 20 minutes north of us that we’d never been to – Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  This is a 200 acre park where you can hike, ride bikes, play in the creek and just generally enjoy being outdoors.  We had a blast…can’t believe we’ve never been up there.

Anyway, at one point in the day the kids were playing in the creek & having a blast.  We spent about an hour up & down the creek bed & I was the only one who had managed to keep my sneakers dry.  We were headed back to the trail & I told Missy I would just jump across this one part rather than hike up and around.

She chuckled.  The kind of chuckle that says, “Listen old man…you ain’t got what it takes to clear that water.  So if you want to keep your kicks dry you better hike up and around!”  Having been a pretty good broad jumper in the 7th grade I felt quite confident that with my massive ups I could clear the creek.

So…before you watch the video let me know whether you think I cleared it or whether I got wet – remember your vote matters!

Okay…now that we’re past that silliness – here are some pictures from the rest of our time!

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